Private view and book launch CORPUS DEI 20 November 2019 at Sotheby’s Amsterdam

photobook CORPUS DEI by photographer Sabrina van den Heuvel

Sabrina van den Heuvel was appointed artist-in-residence at the  Interuniversitair Kunsthistorisch Instituut (NIKI) in Florence. During her stay she was inspired by the nature around Florence and Rome, the remains of classical antiquity in Tivoli and the masterpieces of Caravaggio and Michelangelo. Here she produced her series Corpus Dei (Divine Body). The individual who perfectly embodied this for her was Jacopo, a young man she discovered on the street in Florence, and who is the main character in her first series of male nudes.

Sabrina manages to surprise the viewer with a subtle technique with beautiful black-gray-white transitions, where photography almost becomes painting and drawing. Her series Corpus Dei consists of exciting and challenging compositions, which combine her sense of drama with a timeless aesthetic and with characters which really touch the soul.

Author (s): Michael Kwakkelstein, Sarah de Clercq

Appeared on: November 20, 2019

Language: English

Pages: 120

Dimensions: 245 x 300 mm

Version: bound

ISBN: 9789462263499

Year: 2019

Photography: Sabrina van den Heuvel